Contract Awarded to James Construction for Phase 2 of the LA 1 Project

Contract Awarded to James Construction for Phase 2 of the LA 1 Project

02-02-2022 | Posted in News

LA DOTD Secretary Shawn Wilson executed a $463 million contract last month between the state and James Construction for construction of the much-anticipated 8.3-mile elevated highway from Golden Meadow to Leeville, known as Phase 2 of the LA 1 Improvement Project. (Highlighted in red, yellow and green in map) 

DOTD expects to issue the Notice to Proceed to James Construction by January 31, 2021. Following an assembly period, the contracted construction period of 1,740 calendar days will begin. On this schedule, the highway could be open in fall 2027. The LA 1 Coalition will provide updates on the construction timeline in 2022 and beyond, and the Coalition plans to host a groundbreaking ceremony in 2022 when construction begins.



“The execution of a contract for construction of Phase 2 is a milestone achievement for the Coalition, Greater Lafourche Port Commission, Lafourche Parish, the State of Louisiana, and all of the industry stakeholders who depend on a safe and reliable LA 1 to fuel and feed our nation. Thank you to Governor Edwards, Secretary Wilson, our federal and state delegation, and many local and industry partners who have worked with us for over two decades to make construction of this elevated highway between Golden Meadow and Leeville possible,” said LA 1 Coalition Chairman Chett Chiasson. 

In 2020, the LA 1 Phase 2 Project received a $135 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s INFRA Grant Program for Phase 2 construction. Another $150 million of construction funding will come from BP Economic Damage monies which was committed in Act 443 of state’s 2019 Regular Legislative Session. Additional funds were pledged through the state Capital Outlay Program, from the Greater Lafourche Port Commission, from Lafourche Parish Government, from local landowners, several oil and gas companies, and the LA 1 Coalition.



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