Officers & Board of Directors

2021-2022 Officers and Board of Directors:

Mitch Marmande, SCIA President
Delta Coast Consultants
Stuart Faucheux, SCIA Past President & Advisor
Express Supply & Steel
Joni Tuck, SCIA Executive Vice President
Dean Cheramie, SCIA Director
D & S Marine, Beacon
Eric Bollinger, SCIA Vice President
Bollinger Shipyards
Mark Danos, SCIA Director
JJ Buquet, SCIA Secretary
Buquet Distributors
Matthew Newchurch, SCIA Director
Duplantis Design Group (DDG)
Charles Theriot, SCIA Treasurer
Charles C. Theriot & Company, CPA’s
Wynn Radford, SCIA Director

Lance Trotti, SCIA Director
Oak Point Risk Advisors



Mitch Marmande – President

Our President

I want to thank the board for my selection and for the opportunity to serve our communities with them.

The truth is I have always been inspired by the leaders of this organization. They have been champions of our industry and region, but more importantly, they have taught us the value of community service despite the rigors of our everyday lives.

Early in my career I learned this from mentors like Clifford Smith, Chuck Weaver, and Tony Alford. I see this service every day in this gathering and with the members of this organization.

We are called now, more than ever, to service because we are living in unique times.

We face unparalleled administrative pressure on our industry… labor issues, supply issues, regulation, etc. We have endured Ida and a pandemic, but we are still strong, ready to adapt and thrive. I am excited to be a part of these changing times and what it will mean for SCIA.

I look forward to the challenge of fighting to protect our industry, our communities, and our workforce. Mostly, I look forward to continuing the mission of this organization and the progress we can make together.

Thank you for entrusting me with this honor and for supporting this great organization!


– Mitch Marmande


Christy Alley Zeringue is the Executive Director of SCIA. She is responsible for managing the daily business operations, serving as recording secretary for the SCIA Board of Directors, serving as liaison to the SCIA Board of Directors and committees, serving as liaison for area and regional organizations that work with SCIA, serving on various boards, and is editor of the monthly Communiqué newsletter. She brings to the organization over 20 years of business and marketing experience. She may be reached by contacting the SCIA office.

Kathy Doiron is the Assistant Director and is responsible for coordinating all committee meetings, functions and events. She assists the organization in a leadership capacity as needed. She brings to SCIA, years of experience with the Work Connection and most recently as the Incumbent Worker local liaison with the LA Department of Labor. She may be reached at the SCIA office.